Love Is All You Need

Romantic mood meets space of the Universe, and  chillout groove meets positive energy of pop style in five songs known from Paramore, Frank Sinatra, One Republic, Simply Red and Moni P.

Artist team

  • Moni P

    Monika Andriejew Piotrowska

    Singer who has recorded EP with TONY LEVIN (Peter Gabriel), DAVID MALACHOWSKI (Shania Twain), GARY BURKE (Bob Dylan, Joe Jackson), PETE LEVIN (Annie Lennox, Paul Simon), DANIEL A WEISS (Joan Osborne), LORENZA PONCE (J. Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow), PETER SACHON (Billy Joel).

  • Daniel "Wolny" Moszczyński

    Daniel „Wolny” Moszczyński

    Singer and leader of OMNIMODO, MOSZCZYŃSKI PIETSCH & BIBOBIT, TERMINAL as well as WOLNY BAND (known from hits like"ZŁAP MUZĘ", "SATELITA").

  • Eby


    Eby is a Nigerian living in Poland. He started his music career with the MANDATES, a group of talented Nigerians who explored singing around the country of Poland. Seeking more sophisticated fulfillment, Eby started singing as a solo singer. He also taught Gospel singing at free workshops and raised a choir of Gospel singers known as Eby and the Dew.

  • Gabriel Fleszar

    Gabriel Fleszar

    Singer of CANDIDA band (album 'FRUTTI DI MARE') known in Poland from earlier hits like: 'KROPLĄ DESZCZU', 'BILET DO NIEBA', 'KTO PANEM, KTO SŁUGĄ'. He starred in a movie directed by Bogusław Linda, famous Polish actor ('SEZON NA LESZCZA').  Composer of soundtrack for the drama 'PRACAPOSPOLITA CZYLI TACY SAMI' (H. Modrzejewska Theater in Legnica).

  • Wojtek Stec

    Wojciech Stec

    Pianist, multiinstrumentalist of ANDRZEJ PONIEDZIELSKI, ELŻBIETA ADAMIAK, MAŁGORZATA OSTROWSKA, KASIA WILK. He got musical education at BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC in Boston, co-producer of the best selling CD in Poland in 2012 'Myśliwiecka' by ARTUR ANDRUS.

  • Image 06

    Konstantin 'Kostek' Andriejew

    Producer and arranger of the CD (read more here).

  • monip Moni P
  • dwm Daniel
  • eby Eby
  • gf1 Gabriel
  • wojt2 Wojtek
  • kos1 Kostek

Mastering – Dominik Bukowski dbstudio

© 2012 A&K Production House

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