Konstantin "Kostek" Andriejew is the founder of A&K Production House in which he successfully produce recordings and albums of international artists from different genres. He’s also a promoter for many musical events.

Kostek Andriejew was born in March 1970 in the former USSR. He is performing as an artist in Poland since 1991. Producer, composer, guitarist, sound engineer. His educational degree of Stage Performance Director together with his passion for sound engineering gave rise to his collaboration with many artists during their performances in Poland. These include: John Abercrombie, Oregon, Al Foster, Steve Swallaw, Moloko and a number of artists participating in several editions of Jazz Era Festival.

As a guitar player, He is known for his contribution to the records of award winning and number 1 hit artists such as Gabriel Fleszar, Bartek Wrona, Danuta Blazejczyk, Maryla Rodowicz, Jacek Stachurski, Renata Dabrowska, Andrzej Cierniewski, The Jet Set, Sasha, Asia Si

  • Gabriel Fleszar
    Gabriel Fleszar
  • Maja Kraft
    Maja Kraft
  • Bartek Wrona
    Bartek Wrona
  • Danuta Błażejczyk
    Danuta Błażejczyk
  • Gabriel Fleszar
    Gabriel Fleszar
  • Andrzej Cierniewski
    Andrzej Cierniewski
  • Jacek Stachurski
    Jacek Stachurski
  • Bartek Wrona
    Bartek Wrona
  • Asia Si
    Asia Si
  • Andrzej Cierniewski
    Andrzej Cierniewski
  • Sasha
  • Koka

and to the tours (such as Polish Radio tours). He also frequently featured the video clips of those artists and was a guest to the TV programs such as Blazej’s Bike, Fryderyk Music Awards, Music Across Generations, I Am What I Am, Music Hits Of TV One.

For some years now he have been regarded as an expert in guitar equipment. His essays and teaching materials have regularly been published by such magazines as MUZYK, FCM and GITARA I BAS as well as on the websites of the top music equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Being a part of The Collaboration Project (founded in 2007) Kostek have been working on songs with such artists like: Angie Arsenault (Canada), Ariel Archer (UK), Aryn Michelle (USA), Banshee (PL), Casper van Vulpen (NL), Chris Fullam (USA), Ellie Williams (UK), Gisel de Marco (Argentina/Switzerland), Grant Stevens (Germany/Australia), Inge M (NL), Lille (NL), Lori Greco (Australia), Monika Evans (UK), MR - 10 (NL), Natalia Safran (USA/PL), Sofi (Uruguay), Tarek Sidani (Lebanon), Willow (USA).

Some of these projects became full time albums

Some of these songs have brought international success:

  • Natalia Safran

    Natalia Safran (USA)

    Song Hey You (with Natalia Safran, and Mick Jaroszyk) is on the soundtrack CD of New In Town – romantic comedy with Renee Zellweger, this song is also on the soundtrack of I Hate Valentine's Day - romantic comedy with Nia Vardalos and John Corbett.

  • Joanna Pilarska

    Joanna Pilarska (PL)

    Song Something Good with Joanna Pilarska in on soundtrack of "Desire for Beauty".

  • Monika Evans

    Monika Evans (UK)

    Song Phobia (with Monika Thomas and Casper van Vulpen) is a winner of Feb.2009 in Song Of The Year Contest.