Being the son of a security chief and business man Eby Nwoko was properly raised by his parents Moses and Blessing Nwoko with four siblings. His parents introduced him and his siblings to music in a very tender age as both parents had played and sang in different bands and music groups. It was probably due to their influence that he developed so much interest and passion for music from his childhood. As a boy he would gather with his friends and his two younger brothers to form their first band going on numerous concerts where he did singing and playing the harmonica at the same time. This did not continue for a long time as the band disbanded because the older members like him had to go to college. Undeterred, he continued to improve his skills musically as he learned playing most instruments like keyboard, bass guitar, local drums, flute and the harmonica without the aid of a teacher or instructor. He led lots of small groups in college and University. In the University he joined the school choir and an a cappella group called

The Ambassadors

The  group ejected him for opposing the group's authority over dressing code for a concert. This did not go down well with him as he struggled with his musical personality and identity. He knew he could do so much musically but his parent did not want that direction for him even though they had supported hugely for his first gospel album "Shekinah", he did with his siblings. He redirected his passion to study law which also could not work out as he graduated  with honors in International Relation. As nothing much was happening to him musically, he pushed his effort in his church choir as their music director and choir conductor and gained for himself and for his church the best conductor and the best choir in a gospel choir competition.


Later he moved to Europe for studies and his musical gift was discovered by his University Professors who declared interest to support him as they helped him form another a cappella group of six


He was happy doing vocal enhancement and preparing young singers for a big stage with his choir

He later on decided to go solo not so sure if he would succeed in his musical career that has suffered so many slow downs and hitches. After graduation, he became more involved in the education sector teaching kids, teenagers and adults. He still made some time working on his compositions as well. IN 2012, he hooked up with his producer and fiend

Konstantin Andriejew

who took interest in working with him and helping him with arrangements and release of his singles Album.... while working on his album, his producer and friend collaborated with him in producing an inspiring. Eby Nwoko's songs, lyrics and compositions draws inspirations from his deeply enriched Christian background focusing on messages of hope, change and love in different musical styles like POP, Soul, Reggae, gospel and contemporary forms.